Driving license in English

We also do English courses!
Theory and practice are both important elements in taking a driving license. 
The theory will provide a basis for driving with good judgement and for
negotiating traffic.

You will need this knowledge and your practical driving experience to be able
to negotiate the situations and problems you will face on the road.

Theory course

Theory and practice are both important elements of learning to drive. What you learn from the theory will provide you with the basic skills to drive with consideration and negotiate your way through traffic. Together with your practical driving experience, theory will enable you to deal with the situations and problems you will face on the road. You have the greatest chance of success if you mix theory with practice when you are learning to drive.


Practising driving

To develop the skills to succeed on the road, you must practise and experience a variety of different traffic situations. These skills come from practice. You will have to practise many elements – everything from starting and stopping the car, changing gear to planning and executing a left turn on a main road during rush hour traffic

The Course

The course starts with practical training on Closed Area Track which is closed space where students become familiar with different practical skills that will later be used in the practical lessons on the road: setting off from the curb, stopping, forward and reverse driving, turning, prakting etc. All the exercises are done with low speed.

Lessons on the road take part on the different roads and meeting points can be arranged with instructor. Students also practice within the area where the driving test takes place –so that they become familiar with the area of testing.


If you are taking your license for the first time, you will need a full statutory package. The package includes all statutory hours to be ready for a driving test. With us there is no hidden fee in addition, everything can be read here. On this page you can see all the costs of each.
In the free introduction class you will get all the information there is to know about taking driving license in Denmark and the process.

Statutory package includes:
  • 29 Theoretical lessons of 45 min
  • 4 Lessons of 45 min on closed ares track
  • 16 Lessons of 45 min on the road – we drive 2×45 min each time
  • 4 Lessons of 45 min on slippery track
  • Lesson plan

Other Expenses not included in packages:
  • First aid 950,-
  • Theory book and online Access 500,-
  • Translator: (Depends on translator)
  • Medical Certificate: 250-500,-
  • Driving test: 1200,-
  • Exam + booking fee 1000,-
  • Additional driving lessons