Driving license exchange

If you live in Denmark, and wish to drive a car, you must exchange your
foreign driving license to a Danish driving license.

The rules regarding to what extend you must exchange your foreign driving
license depend on (among other things) whether you have normal residence
in Denmark.


If you have a driving license from either an EU country or Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, you can use it in Denmark. If you are a resident, then the license is swapped without attending theory and practical tests. Danish authorities also accept driving licenses from counties that are outside of EU – please refer to a link: Færdselsstyrelsen.dk

If your driving license was issued in a country other than the countries approved by authorities, you have a right to drive with your foreign driving license for up to 90 days from when you establish residence in Denmark. This only applies though if your foreign driving license is valid and if issued with Latin characters or is accompanied by an official translation into Danish, English or French.

In addition, you must meet the age requirement that applies for being issued a corresponding Danish driving license. No later than 90 days after establishing residence in Denmark, you must have exchanged your foreign driving license for a Danish driving license if you wish to continue driving in Denmark.

Your driving license has to be issued either before you enter Denmark or within a period of at least 6 months in which you have not had an officially registered address in Denmark. If your driving license is valid when you submit it for exchange for a Danish version, you can get a temporary Danish driving license while your case is being processed by the police, but only if you apply within 90 days of taken up residence in Denmark. If you apply after 90 days then Borgerservice will not issue a temporary license.

In order to be able to exchange your foreign driving license you must pass a driving test (a theoretical and a practical test).

If you are a foreigner with a temporary residence in Denmark, you can use an international driver’s license or a valid foreign driver’s license. If you don’t, you can get a tourist driver’s license issued.

Administration procedure is done at Borgerservice (citizen service center) in one of the country’s municipalities. Please remember to bring:

  • Medical certificate (issued by your own doctor).
  • Your own driving license (translated into English)
  • Valid passport
  • Residence permit (if you are not a Danish of EU citizen)
What do we do?

For the past 10 years we have helped numbers of students to exchange licenses.

Different driving experiences, habits or totally different driving cultures are taken into account when we created the best possible procedure that suits everyones needs.

Preparation for the theory test

Teaching in theory is free of charge so you can attend as many lessons as you need before you become ready for the final exam

First test is also free of charge. If passed we proceed with practical part. If not then the exam has to be retaken. Danish Road Traffic Authority will charge you with new fee of 890 Kr. and temporary license will be lost.

Once theory is passed we will start preparing for the practical test. Our suggestion is that you take as many practical lessons as needed until you become ready for the final exam.

The school does the booking of the exam. The school will help you book a translator for the exam too.